Gamliel Fishkin


I am Gamliel Fishkin. Webmaster, former poet, former film actor. I live in Petersburg, Russia.

The site is obsolete, because I have not a time for it. But you can communicate with me: my Jabber address is

The times, when Jabber (XMPP) will replace ICQ completely, are currently in the future. But the tomorrow begins today. There are more than two tens of Jabber clients. I prefer Gajim, and from other Jabber clients, I would mention firstly Psi and Pidgin.

There are hundreds of Jabber services. Most of them allow registration from Jabber client without a need to visit the site of a service. And if you are registered at Yandex (this link points to a site in Russian, and the English version of Yandex provides web searching only) or Google, you already have a Jabber address.

P.S. Do not write to the address — it does not exist.


страничка на русском языке

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